An Overview Of Vitamin Therapy

Many of us are deficient in at least one vitamin or mineral. It can even be true for people who eat a healthy diet and those who take vitamin supplements. Having a deficiency can affect your health in so many ways. Depending on the deficiency, it can cause fatigue, inhibit your immune system, impact your mental health, and more.

Modern vitamin therapy offers new ways to address some of these deficiencies. By introducing vitamins intravenously, you can get a quick boost of the nutrients you need. It can be a way to restore your health or provide a boost of energy. Some patients even use vitamin IVs to fight jet lag and hangovers. It can also be a way to combat chronic fatigue, migraines, and to support a healthy immune system.

The first step in vitamin therapy is a consultation. Your doctor will need to understand the issues you are facing. They might also ask questions about your lifestyle. After learning about your issues, they might test for various vitamin deficiencies. Once they have a clear understanding of the patient’s needs, they can design a vitamin therapy to address the issues at hand.

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IV vitamin C
15,000mg and glutathione 1000mg IVP $175
30,000mg $225
50,000mg $250

Higher dose treatments require midline IV catheter, longer infusion times, blood work monitoring All vitamin C drips have magnesium and 1 liter of fluids. Glutathione push of 1000mg included.

Myers Cocktail general well being $175
Immune boost, virus buster IV $250
Headache IV $200
Glutathione IV push 1000mg $75
Hydration IV with B vitamins $125
Extra bag of fluid for hydration $75
Amino acid add ins $35
each Nausea medication add in $20
Toradol pain relief add in $20
Dexamethasone add in $20
Zinc add in $20
Vitamin D Immune support IM shot $35
Lipo B IM weight support shot $20
Lipo C IM weight support shot $25