An Overview Of Joint Therapy

Joint pain is a part of life for many of us. Whether it is from injury, age, or disease, chronic joint pain can affect every aspect of your life. It can make it difficult to work or enjoy recreation. For many, it can impact your sleep and even lead to depression.

What can make joint pain even worse is that many conventional treatments do not provide the necessary relief. Some doctors might prescribe medications that only serve to mask the pain. If the issues persist, your doctor might recommend surgery.

With newer forms of joint therapy, patients can experience the relief they need without prescription drugs or surgery. One promising protocol involves platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy and ozone therapy. Both have shown impressive results in addressing joint pain in clinical studies.

PRP therapy uses platelets from the patient’s blood to induce healing in an injured joint. Research has shown this therapy to provide positive results for joint pain, mobility, and healing.

Ozone therapy involves injecting medical ozone near the site of an injured joint. Researchers have found that ozone therapy can help with pain, inflammation, and healing.

When you put PRP and ozone therapy together, you have a protocol that can be effective for joint pain relief. The two can also promote healing and improve joint function. Together, these therapies can reduce your dependence on medication and help you avoid surgery.

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Platelet rich plasma combined with ozone joint injections $450 per joint (most people obtain optimal results with 3 injections every couple weeks)
Platelet rich plasma penile or vaginal injections for tissue regeneration $650
Platelet rich plasma under eye regeneration $200