An Overview Of Ozone Therapy

Most people think of ozone as it concerns the gas in the earth’s atmosphere. The ozone layer provides valuable protection to life on earth by absorbing UV radiation. Many people may not realize that ozone can have many health benefits. In fact, ozone therapy has been around for many decades.

Research has shown that ozone has the ability to stimulate the immune system and fight infections. It is also a powerful antioxidant. Ozone has great potential for boosting the immune system and helping people with chronic infections. Researchers have also seen positive results in addressing breathing disorders and brain fog with ozone therapy. It can also help with joint pain and healing.

Ozone therapy can take many forms depending on the circumstances. Many therapies involve intramuscular injections. You can also add it to the blood through ozone IV therapies. There are also various practices that involve applying ozone directly to an open wound. The correct application of ozone therapy depends on the needs of the individual patient.

If you are suffering from respiratory issues, have chronic infections, or need immune system support, we can help. We encourage you to reach out to learn more about how you can benefit from ozone therapy. The team from silver linings is ready to help you on the road to better health.

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