Consultations & Health Promotion

Has your current physician not been able to treat you in a manner that brings you relief?
You’ve followed all their suggestions but you still aren't feeling well.
Together we look deeper into your health situation with our full wellness consultation
We discuss everything from your diet, to hormonal imbalances, to your medical history, to lifestyle and behavior, etc. to determine what therapies may be the path to your wellness.

We use a combination of hormonal replacement, natural thyroid remedies, whole-food supplements, and micronutrients IV therapy to restore nutritional deficiencies.

Call or text Natalie today to discuss a Consultation. Text or Call: 479.200.1795



Hormone balance, thyroid balance, weight loss, etc. Consultation $150 initial
Follow up $75
Lab work $150
Sick call for existing patients prescription call in $50
Men Testosterone pellets $650
Women testosterone pellets $350